Technical University - Sofia

Technical University - Sofia

The Technical University of Sofia is the largest educational and scientific complex in Bulgaria in the field of technical and applied science with an institutional accreditation grade of 9.5 (on the scale of 10) for the period 2012 – 2018. As the first and largest polytechnic center, which supported the establishment of most of the higher technical colleges in the country, it sets the educational standards and national priorities for the development of engineering education and science.

The University structure inclrdes 14 faculties in Sofia, three departments, a Center of Information Resources, a Library and Information Center, a Center for international meetings, a Center for Continuous Education, a Center for Educational and Innovative Projects, a University Science and Research Complex for innovations and knowledge transfer in the field of micro and nano- technologies and materials, energy efficiency and virtual engineering, Post graduate schools, Scientific and Research Sector, small enterprises, a branch in the city of Plovdiv with two faculties, a Faculty of Engineering and Pedagogy and a college in the town of Sliven, a school for power engineering and electronics and two high schools – School of Electronic Systems Technologies in Sofia and a Vocational School for Computer Technologies and Systems in the town of Pravetz.

 The Technical University of Sofia (TUS) is an expression of the cult of Bulgarian people of education and knowledge and the embodiment of the idea of Enlightenment of Bulgarians to establish a higher school of education in which “scientific subjects, predominently from the positive sciences with an application to the industry” will be studied. Therefore, for 70 years we have been successfully coping with this national imperative. Our on-going task is for the TUS to be a part of the European and world educational space with comparable and competative quality of technical education and scientific research. We are aware that this can be achieved through the experise and commitment of the faculty, of the most contemporary infrastructure, and of motivated and eager students. We realise that in a fast changing world we are working under rapidly changing and aggressive conditions of the increasing demands and requirements of business enterprises towards modern engineers. For this reason we encourage qualified, creative and socially active specialists, who can successfully adapt to the conditions of competitiveness of the European Union. Our graduates enjoy excellent realization, good remuneration and successful careers.

For all of us the time spent at the University is destiny, priceless capital, time for on-going improvement – professional and life experience, time for dreams and pure thoughts. As an invigorating and beneficial center of education, upbringing and spiritual growth the TUS is a substantial part of the strategy for sustainable development of Bulgarian business life and creation of young, rational theoretically and practically ambitious young people. Furthermore, they will have to show results within a knowledge-oriented European Union.

 The high-tech revolution and globalization gave birth to an era of fast and easy access to knowledge and information. This significantly changed the notion of the classic university and the nature of the student – lecturer relationship. Therefore, from the standpoint of accumulated experience and established traditions we have taken on the challenge to be adequate to global educational and research trends.

We keep optimizing the range of bachelor’s courses and update them in line with market demands, economic significance and global development trends. We are expanding the range and depth of the master’s courses and are improving the PhD programmes in compliance with the impetuous scientific and technical progress. We are expanding the scope of education in foreign languages. We are introducing innovative and effective forms of training and lifelong learning. We apply the most advanced electronic technology and distance forms of learning. We offer opportunities for international cooperation and mobility of lecturers, students and administration staff.

We are introducing a system for promoting the students‘ active participation in research and project orientated training for master and PhD students. We are developing and constantly updating databases of scientific and technical achievements of TUS together with potential users of research and consultancy services for joint research and development activities. The appropriate arrangements urge more and more students, PhD students and young scientists to study and work hard.

The academic community is motivated and persistent to find ways for professional progress and development in correspondence with fundamental organizational values: academic freedom, integrity and honesty, ethics, global thinking, creativity, innovation, social engagement.

We continually strive to maintain a high level of competence, commitment and motivation of academic staff, improve the practical application of the training and administrative services for the learning process, set higher standards for students and PhD students. This is the only way for the University to establish itself as regional leader in education and research in the field of engineering, technical, natural and mathematical, business, creative and applied sciences. Only then will the University become a more preferable choice for Bulgarian and foreign students aspiring to high quality education and business, looking for innovative partners.

Evidence of the international prestige, recognition and reputation of TUS are the dozens of agreements concluded for cooperation and the active links with more than 50 higher schools in Europe, Asia, North and Central America, as well as our membership in renowned world and European organizations and participation in various projects under programmes of EU, UNESCO, NATO, etc.

The opportunities, initiatives and challenges before our lecturers and alumni in achieving their individual and mutual goals are innumerous, and an appreciation of the community for us. We know the University is not only lectures, seminars, course projects and exam. This is an ever young spirit, gathering thousands of emotions, expectations, dreams, hopes. I would like to thank all of those who have established it, those who are developing it and those who will give anything for it to live through!

COR MEM Prof. D.Sc. Eng Georgi Mihov