State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies

Университет по библиотекознание и информационни технологии

University of Library Studies and Information Technologies ( UNIBIT ) is the State University of 29.IH.2010 transformed by a decision of the National Assembly and is the successor of the State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, voted by the National Assembly in 2004, of state Librarian Institute, established in 1950, a college librarian Institute (PIBD) College librarian (BDC) and the College of library and information technology (Kbps).

UNIBIT trained in  undergraduate ,  graduate  and  doctoral programs  on education and degrees, which is accredited.

UNIBIT has modern facilities to prepare their students. Specially designed and built building includes a solemn hall; specialized seminars surgeries; audiences; computer lab "John Atanasov"with modern computer labs with LANs and permanent access to the Internet, which studied modern information and communication technologies; Library and information center with a reading of 150 people whose specialized library has more than 52,000 library units and depository for 80 000 documents; IP Point - Information and Consulting Center for Intellectual Property; Career Center to support the career development of students; Educational demonstration museum collection "Spirituality and Leadership"; museum exhibition of contemporary Bulgarian spirituality; Publishing "To letters - Oh pismnehy" "St.. Nikolay the Miracleworker"; phonetic cabinet; offices for teachers and administrative staff; meeting room; modern gymnasium complex with the compartment; Tennis courts; fitness room; chair; coffee club.

Building for 60 years, UNIBIT satisfy very well the needs of about 2,000 students and over 150 full-time and part-time lecturers. Specialized workshops and offices have rich educational funds, a significant portion of them are already bibliographic rarity.

The duration of the regular and part-time training in UNIBIT educational qualification degree " Bachelor " is four years. Together with the knowledge of the main courses students get very good training in ICT, English, and in some specialties - and Russian; have the opportunity for a good sports training.

Training UNIBIT for obtaining educational degree " Master " is regular and part-time, some programs - remote, lasting three semesters of graduate educational degree "Bachelor" in UNIBIT in other universities in the country and abroad.

UNIBIT training and educational and scientific degree " Doctor " regular and part-time through self-study.

There are educational practice and practice specializing in the last year of training taking place in prestigious institutions, organizations and companies.

UNIBIT Graduates can work in libraries, publishing houses, knigotargovski companies in the state administration in the information business information centers and services in archives, museums, galleries and other cultural institutions.

UNIBIT has a rich publishing of scientific production - issued monographs yearbook "Works of UNIBIT" Cyril and Methodius newspaper "To letters - Oh pismenehy" , the scientific journal "Publisher" together with department "Library and Social Sciences" of the University "St. St. Cyril and Methodius ", collections of reports annually held conference on 1 November - Day Enlighteners, which is a public holiday in UNIBIT, and seminars, as well as textbooks, teaching aids and more.

UNIBIT owns Standard University Charter "Erasmus", which allows students mobility program for lifelong learning and teaching in various universities abroad for a certain period.

UNIBIT actively participate in international professional life, international cooperation on bilateral agreements with similar institutions in Russia, Germany, France, Poland, Serbia and Montenegro, Turkey and others. A member of the IFLA - International Federation of Library Associations in LIBER - Association of European scientific and academic libraries in ICOM - International Council of Museums, the National Technical Committee for Standardization archive, library, information and publishing activities (TC 16) in Union of Librarians and information Services (Officers) and others.

In 2005, the Library Information Center at UNIBIT has launched a museum collection of modern Bulgarian spirituality. The idea of ​​its creation was prompted by the need to keep the spirituality and awareness of today's information society. The exhibition has collected in itself as culture and sense of time - from contemplation of Nicholas Hajtov to the artistry of Stefan Danailov, the intertwining of art and traditions, personalities and achievements. So far there are exposed objects and documents of 11 Bulgarian intellectuals (Anton Donchev Lyubomir Levchev Nikolay Haytov Radichkov, Angel Balevski Rashidov, Bojana Dimitrova, Stefan Danailov, Ivo Papazov, Kremena Zotov, Hristo Drumev).